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Family Handheld - Electronic enclosures - Plastic


Multifunction flat enclosure, modern designed, ideal for desktop, hand-held and wall mounting applications. Wide recessed area on the top part suitable for touch-screen displays up to 10” (204,5x158,5mm). This model is equipped with IP65 sealing kits for screws and case. Internal battery compartments on both sides to accept 2+2 1,5V mignon cells (AA). Internal bosses on top and bottom for an easy fixing of the PCB. Closing by four M3 screws.



Model L (inch) W (inch) H (inch) Color (Ral) Material MAX PCB L (inch) MAX PCB W (inch) Screws Battery Accessories Drawings Other
TW31.7 9,941 8,268 1,575 9002
L320 9,685 6,441 4 4 x AA PDF
  • Color (Ral): 9002
  • Material: L320
  • MAX PCB L (mm): 246
  • MAX PCB W (mm): 163,6
  • Screws: 4
  • Battery: 4 x AA
  • Accessories:
  • Drawings:  PDF  DWG
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